Want to make a difference in November?
Get certified to register voters!

First UU Church is hosting a training session on Saturday, April 25,
from 11:00 am — 12:00 pm.
At least ten participants are needed!

This training will be conducted by Ann Harris Bennett’s office. In order to receive certification, participants must remain the entire hour at the session and meet the qualifications listed in her website: https://www.hctax.net/voter/deputy

At the end of the training, certificates will be available for registered participants. (Please register at least 48 hours before the training.)

1) Go to this website: https://www.hctax.net/voter/deputy
2) Scroll down on the list of training sessions (to the bottom) until you see First UU Church’s session (April 25th). Select that session by clicking on the RSVP button.

(image above shows session that needs to be selected)

3) Fill out your information and submit it.
4) You will get a confirmation as shown in the following image.

(Sample image showing registration confirmation)

5) Let us know you have completed your registration by sending us an email at info@firstuu.org

Thank you for being part of this voter registration effort!
Questions? Contact us at info@firstuu.org